Comanche Nation Casino - Lawton Oklahoma

Bar Area Gazelle Bar Stools. The new gaming floor bar provides an additional venue within the casino, keeping customers in the center of the excitement. I-5 created a custom cantilevered overhang to add another signature, memorable element within the space.
Slot Area Gazelle Slot Stools. The color changing illuminated perimeter valance winds overhead in the renovated gaming floor, creating an exciting and comfortable area for customers within the casino environment.
Slot Area Gazelle Slot Stools. I-5 created custom wall coverings and overhanging soffits with integrated lighting. These and other elements created interesting spaces within the new casino design plan for customers to enjoy their favorite games.
Table Games & Upright Stools Gazelle 2 allow 7 players to fit comfortably at the Blackjack Table. The new casino design plan for Comanche Nation Casino utilized the existing structure of the facility, which maximized the budget on areas that customers could see and experience. The old property was completely transformed in just 4 months.

Comanche Nation Casino asked I-5 Design to create a casino design and turn-key renovation plan that would update both the exterior and interior of the dated 35,000 sf gaming property. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding geography and heritage of the Comanche Tribe, the new design created a warm and inviting environment for casino guests. Working in phases, the renovation dramatically transformed the interior and exterior of the property while utilizing the buildings structure in the best ways possible. Both of the existing entrances were updated, incorporating immense stacked stone pillars and dramatic, programmable lighting accents, and new signage to clearly identify the property. For the interior, a multi-tiered valance winds through the gaming floor and custom wall murals honoring Comanche heritage add to the new customer environment. The entire property was completely transformed by I-5 in just four months onsite, with revenues rising dramatically upon completion. 

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